Trắc nghiệm online: 25 Câu trắc nghiệm giao tiếp Tiếng Anh 9 - phần 2

Đây là những câu giao tiếp Tiếng Anh 9 thường được ra trong các đề thi học kỳ hoăc đề thi tuyển sinh 10. 20 Câu trắc nghiệm giao tiếp Tiếng Anh 9 giúp các em ôn tập và cũng cố để làm bài thi tốt hơn. Các em  có thể bấm nút làm bài trắc nghiệm online bên dưới để tự kiểm tra nhé.

Câu 1.“_______________?”       – “I have got a terrible headache.”

A. What’s the matter with you            B. What’s the wrong with you

C. What’s happened with you             D. What’s problem with you


Câu 2.“Have a nice weekend!”       –“Thank you. ________________.”

A. Me too                                          B. same to you      

C. The same to you                            D. The same with you


Câu 3.“You have got a beautiful dress!”     –“________________.”

A. I do                 B. Thank you         C. You, too            D. Okay


Câu 4.“Is it going to rain tonight?”      –“___________________.”

A. I don’t hope so                               B. I hope not         

C. I think not                                     D. Yes, I am


Câu 5.“________________ eating out tonight?”      – “That’s a good idea.”

A. Would you like                              B. How about       

C. Can we                                          D. Shall we


Câu 6.“What do you usually do on your day off?”       –“___________________”

A. I usually drive to work                   B. I will sleep all day.

C. I usually do not much                     D. Nothing much. I always sleep until noon


Câu 7.“Do you get much exercise?”       –“___________________”

A. I usually do                                   B. Yes, I do           

C. How about you?                             D. Very often


Câu 8.“How often do you exercise?        –“___________________”

A. No, I sometimes do                        B. Yes, I often do  

C. About three times a week               D. Often I don’t do


Câu 9.“What do you usually do?               –“___________________”

A. I usually go swimming and play badminton                 B. No, I never do

C. I go straight home after work                                       D. I watch TV a lot


Câu 10. Where do you go swimming?          –“___________________”

A. Every day from 5 to 6                    B. I always go to the YWCA

C. No, I play tennis                            D. I usually go by motorbike


Câu 11. –“You’re really in good shape.”      –“___________________”

A. I’m a real couch potato                  B. Oh, are you?             

C. Thanks a lot                                   D. Good for you


Câu 12: “I will get married next week.”         –“___________________”

A. Thanks                                          B. Congratulations

C. not at all                                        D. I’m sorry


Câu 13. “Thanks for your help.”             –“___________________”

A. You’re welcome                            B. Yes, I am          

C. I am fine                                        D. Thanks



Câu 14.“How are you?”               –“................................................”

A. Thanks                                          B. I am fine           

C. I am 16 years old                           D. I am a student


Câu 15.“How do you do?” –“ ___________________________________”

A. My name is Peter                           B. I am fine           

C. No, thanks                                     D. How do you do?


Câu 16.“When's your birthday, Lan?"          –“___________________”

        A. It's in the 20th century                     B. It's  in May 1st, 1990 

        C. It's a long time ago                           D. It's on May 1st, 1990


Câu 17.–“You look nice in your new dress."            –“___________________”

        A. It's nice of you to say so.                  B. Am I? Thanks.                                       

        C. Oh, poor me.                                   D. I am interesting to hear that.


Câu 18.“You haven't finished your homework, have you?"          –“___________________”

        A. Yes, I have.                                     B. No, I haven't.    

        C. No, I have.                                      D. Yes, I haven't


Câu 19.“Excuse me! What time is it?"                  –“___________________”

        A. Two to a quarter                              B. A quarter to two

        C. Two past a quarter                           D. Two quarter to a


Câu 20. “Do you mind if I use your phone?"          –“___________________”

A. No, you don't.                                 B. Yes, you do.     

C. No. You can use it.                           D. Yes. It's my pleasure.


Câu 21.“Do you agree that our present sources of energy will soon end?"    –“______________”

A. Yes, it might.     B. No, I don't.        C. Yes, I think so.        D. Yes, we do.


Câu 22.–“_______________.”                     –“It was really interesting.”

        A. How about going for a film?             B. How was the film last night?

        C. Did you like the film last night?       D. What was the film last night?


Câu 23.“……………………………           –“It’s nice.”

        A. What do you think of the weather today?  B. What does the weather like today?   C. Do you like the weather today?                                 D. How does the weather like?


Câu 24.“Happy birthday! This is a small present for you.”          –“ _________________ “

        A. What a pity!                                    B. How terrible!    

        C. Have a good time!                            D. How beautiful it is! Thanks.


Câu 25.“John had an accident. He has been in hospital for 5 days.–“________________”

        A. Poor him.          B. Oh. Is he?          C. How's terrific!   D. Poor it.


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