Trắc nghiệm online: 20 Câu trắc nghiệm giao tiếp Tiếng Anh 9 - phần 1

 Đây là những câu giao tiếp Tiếng Anh 9 thường được ra trong các đề thi học kỳ hoăc đề thi tuyển sinh 10. 20 Câu trắc nghiệm giao tiếp Tiếng Anh 9 giúp các em ôn tập và cũng cố để làm bài thi tốt hơn. Các em  có thể bấm nút làm bài trắc nghiệm online bên dưới để tự kiểm tra nhé.

Câu 1. –“Bye!”  –“_____________.”

A. See you lately                                B. Thank you        

C. Meet you again                              D. See you later

 Câu 2. –“I’ve passed my driving test.”     –“_____________.”

A. Congratulations!                            B. That’s a good idea.    

C. It’s nice of you to say so.                D. Do you?

 Câu 3. –“Could I have ____________ more sugar in my coffee, please?”

A. little                B. many                 C. some                  D. few

 Câu 4. –“Would you like to have dinner with me?” –“______________.”

A. Yes, I’d love to                              B. Yes, so do I       

C. I’m very happy                              D. Yes, it is

 Câu 5. –“____________where the nearest post office is?”        –“Turn left and then turn right.”

A. Could you tell me                          B. Should you show me

C. Do you tell me                               D. Will you say me

 Câu 6. –“How do you do?”      –“______________.”

A. How do you do?                            B. Not too bad.

C. I’m well. Thank you.                      D. Yeah, OK.

Câu 7. –“Do you think you’ll get the job?  –“____________.”

A. Yes, that’s right                             B. I think not         

C. I know so                                       D. Well, I hope so

 Câu 8. –“Happy Christmas!”      –“____________.”

A. The same to you!                           B. Happy Christmas with you!

C. You are the same!                          D. Same for you!


Câu 9. –“Thank you very much for a lovely party.”      –“______________.”

A. Cheers                                           B. Thanks             

C. Have a good day                            D. You are welcome

 Câu 10. –“Would you like something to eat?" –“______________. I'm not hungry now.”

A. Yes, I would                                  B. No, no problem

C. No, thanks                                     D. Yes, it is

 Câu 11. –“Thanks for the lovely evening."    –“_____________.”

A. Yes, it's really great                        B. No, it's not good

C. Oh, that's right                               D. I'm glad you enjoyed it

 Câu 12. –“How far is it from here to the nearest post office?"    –“_____________.”

A. Turn left and then turn right           B. Two kilometers at least

C. No, it's rather far                            D. Yes, it's quite near here

 Câu 13. –“What ____________ this weekend?"  –“Oh, we're going windsurfing. It's fantastic!”

A. would you do                                 B. are you going    

C. do you go                                       D. are you doing

Câu 14. –“Could you bring me some water?"     –“________________.”

A. Certainly, sir                                  B. No, I can't         

C. Yes, I can                                      D. I don't want to

 Câu 15. –“______________?”          –“He's tall and thin with blue eyes.”

A. What does John look like               B. Who does John look like

C. How is John doing                         D. What does John like

 Câu 16.  –“……………………..”  –“Well, a microwave is used to cook or heat food.”

A. Could you tell me what is a microwave used for?                 

B. Please tell me how to use a microwave?

C. Can you tell me what is used for cooking?                                     

D. Could you tell me what a microwave is used for?

Câu 17.  –“What will we do when we want to call the Fire Service?”   –“……………….”

A. Dial 113          B. Dial 114             C. Dial 115            D. Dial 116

 Câu 18. –“_.............................”     –“Let me see, since September 23rd.”

A. When did you attend this school?         

B. How long have you studied at this school?

C. Since when did you studied at this school? 

D. How often do you attend this school?

Câu 19.  –“Would you like a coffee?”  –“…………………………._.”

A. Not at all          B. Yes, let’s            C. Yes, I would      D. Yes, please

 Câu 20.  –“What should you do if you don’t want to hear the sound?   –“.……………….”

A. Press the MUTE button.                   B. Press the VOLUME button.

C. Press the PROGRAM button.           D. Press the POWER button.

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